Persistence Pays Off

Email circulated today, 28th April, from Alison Gibbs who has been negotiating the tortuous Government Dept. that is Companies House:

Good morning all,
Heard the postman struggling to get something through my letter box this morning – yes it was another dreaded brown envelope from Companies House.
However, this envelope was not as bulky as the ones previously received. “Could it be?”.

Yes! Not another letter asking for amendments but the certificate!!
The Jaywick Sands Revival Community Interest Company is now formally registered with Companies House.
That’s worth a smiley face! Have a good weekend everyone!



Logos by Inclusion Ventures members



Members of Inclusion Ventures were invited to enter a competition to design a logo for the CIC. A prize worth £25 to be awarded to the winner.
 These pictures were circulated at the 20th March meeting, giving a variety of logos for consideration. All have been digitised following initial hard copy drawings. All present voted for their preferred option which will now become the official logo. The remaining suggestions will be used ad-hoc in future posters, communications etc and could all be incorporated into one leaflet for distribution.